Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Book!

So one of my all-time favorite authors, Betsy Brannon Green, just came out with her final installment in her Hazardous Duty trilogy. Actually, it came out about a month ago, and I'm just barely getting to it. I feel all anxious and antsy about that, but what can I do? Schoolwork trumps all. Apparently.
Anywho, my dear sweet friend ordered me to read the first two books again before I read the final book, Code of Honor. I agreed, but little did I know how much this would torture me. My goodness. It didn't help that I started this series at the same time was I was reading three other novels--and this is just the 'for fun' stuff, not even counting the stuff I have to read for school. I didn't get to start Hazardous Duty again until last week, and even then I didn't get to spend lots of time with it because of visiting friends and school and whatnot. So, in summary, I just finished reading Hazardous Duty for the second time. Oh my goodness. I just have to say that Besty Brannon Green is an amazing author, and I am going absolutely crazy because I want to start Above and Beyond as soon as possible, but I can't. Drat that schoolwork!!
So, in short, Betsy Brannon Green is amazing and everyone should read her books. So good! I am so anxious to finish the series because I want my happy ending, darn it!!!
It's a good things we have an ultra long weekend coming up or I might just go crazy, and/or ditch my schoolwork completely. I may end up doing that anyway.
... I totally shouldn't read books for fun during the school year. Lame sauce.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tomorrow is a day that will create a great deal of stress in my life--again. Yes, that's right, I'm going to be emailing a query letter of sorts to an agent tomorrow, and well, frankly I'm petrified. Don't get me wrong, I've communicated with this woman before and she if very nice and professional, it's just the idea of waiting on hot coals that makes me a little ... anxious.
I know, whichever way the fates turn the tables, I will live to write another day. However, that does not alleviate any of the stress of the 'waiting for rejection' process. I have a back-up plan, of course, but that doesn't make this period of standing around, twiddling my thumbs any more fun.
Here we go again.