Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello, my name is ...

We've all read the novels and seen the movies. You know the moment. The moment when the girl meets a boy and is so taken by their infatuation with the man's good looks or whatnot that they forget crucial things about the way they should be behaving. But of course that's purely fiction. Something like that would never happen to me. Famous last words.
So today I had the great fortune of meeting an attractive stranger. He was tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and incredibly gorgeous. Normally these type of people are, for me anyway, to be admired from a distance. But this evening I plucked up my courage and turned around in my seat to introduce myself and find out a little bit of information about this highly attractive man. So I turn around and ask if I had seen him before. He says no, that he's new to the branch, and sticks out his hand to shake mine. "I'm Tim," he says. (Names have been changed to protect ... well, mainly me) I shake his hand and say, "Nice to meet you Tim." All the while I am thinking about the warmth of his hands and the blue of his eyes and the familiarity of his name. Who do I know with that same name? Well, in the midst of my internal wonderings, Tim has asked me a question. It was a simple question: "What's your name?"
My mind went absolutely, 100% blank.
I stared at Tim, my mouth slightly open with what I'm positive was a dazed look on my face. I couldn't remember my own name!! I'm not even kidding, my brain felt like it had taken an unexpected and wholly unappreciated vacation! I just stared at him for a good ten seconds before shaking my head and saying, "Um, oh, yeah. I'm Kim. My name is Kim."
Never before in my life have I felt like such a dufus.
Tim was nice enough about it and we laughed off my idiocy. But I'm an still utterly embarrassed. So next time I watch a movie and read a book and the main character forgets something vital--like their identity--in front of an attractive stranger, I will totally be able to empathize.

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