Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pre-Finals Jitters

So here we are at the end of another wonderful semester at BYU-Idaho, and with that comes and of the joys of freedom and all of the bondage of finals. Oh goody. Well, technically finals aren't until next week, however pre-finals week is sometimes worse than the actual finals week because of all of the hype. That's right, hype.
Professors are the worst, you know that? They have this fantastic way of making your freak out about your grades and your GPA and your life and your future and the future success of every venture you'll ever make in your whole life because everything in the world rides on this test! AAaah!
Talk about pressure.
Plus there's the question of what the heck am I going to do after the semester ends? I'll move home and completelly jobless and boyless. Not that I have any boys to speak of at the moment, but there will be considerably less boys back at home.
Let the stressing begin!
Oh, lets not forget to mention the fact that I've just recently submitted my manuscript to a new place and they should get back to me within a month or so. *gulp* I hate waiting on pins and needles, but that's what I get for wanting to be an author.
What kind of stupid decision was that for someone slightly impatient?

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